PODCAST: Global Trends 2040

Climate change, technology, disease and financial crises will pose big challenges for the world according to US intelligence
11th May 20211 min

Every four years, at the start of a new administration, American intelligence agencies put out “Global Trends,” a weighty assessment of where the world seems headed over the next two decades. The latest report, Global Trends 2040, released last month by the National Intelligence Council, finds a changing climate, ageing populations, disease, financial crises and technologies that divide more than they unite, all straining societies and generating “shocks that could be catastrophic.” In this podcast the geopolity looks at the world, US intelligence envisage in 20 years.

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One comment

  • Hassan

    1st September 2022 at 4:46 pm

    What really is surprising is the fact that US intel accurately predicted coming of pandemic before 2025, even mentioning “corona virus” which will emerge from China. Does that proves covid-19 is bio-warfare by US? What is the view of geopolity?


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