About us


Welcome to the geopolitics website or geopolity for short.

The world is a complex place with daily political events taking place which affect us all in different ways. The sheer number of events happening makes making sense of the world even more complex.

Geopolity.com aims to help in making sense of this complex world.

At geopolity.com we look at the world through the lens of power and ideology. We see forces such as geography, politics, economics and military capability constrain world leaders and nations. Through understanding these forces, we believe we can make sense of what nations are attempting to achieve. We also believe by determining the ideology nations embrace we can appreciate why the US is interested in the Middle East and why much of the world worries about Pakistan’s nuclear capability.

This allows us to filter out all the noise and focus on the important political actions, moves and developments.

Who are we? Geopolity has no office as we believe it is people and ideas that are key, not offices and buildings. We are individuals who believe the world should be a better place for all and this can be understood by understanding the world around us. We are a non-profit-making organisation and so have no shareholders to satisfy. We believe the more people can understand the world, the better the world would be.

The mission of geopolity.com is to analyse the political events and empower you the reader to understand and successfully navigate the constantly changing and complex geopolitical environment. Geopolity aims to do this by regularly and vigorously analysing political events as they take place.

Geopolity was originally borne of events from the Arab Spring when we existed as another brand. As the world is larger than the Middle East, we were always asked to do regular analyses on all the world’s regions and as a result in 2020 geopolity.com took birth.