PODCAST: Q&A – Your Questions Answered

We answer your questions on Geopolitics
5th July 20231 min

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0.52 – Why are relations being normalised with Al-Assad

4:18 – What does Erdogan’s recent electoral victory mean for Turkey’s future

7:01 – What is the current status in Pakistan between the army and Imran Khan

9:12 – Tensions have broken out between the Taliban and Iran. What is going on, what is the latest with Afghanistan?

11:18 – Where does the war in Ukraine currently stand?

12:57 – We can’t really talk about Ukraine Adnan without talking about the rebellion by Wagner a few weeks ago. We did do a Podcast at the time, but what do we know now that we didn’t necessarily know then?

17:26 – Can India ever become a global power?

20:03 – Is US power in decline?

22:51 – Can you explain how the concept of a vassal nation works

25:12 – How is it possible that independent nations have disputes with someone else’s vassal nation? 27:31 – How does one acquire deep political thinking, what books can one read

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